Color Guard

Sweetwater Union School District
San Diego, California

Selected Performance Videos of the Montgomery Aztecs Color Guard and Marching Band
* Presented by the Montgomery Aztec Band Booster Association *

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Winterguard Photo Gallery
  • Fall 2005 - Spring 2006
    Winterguard at Westview
  • March 26, 2005(73-MB)
    Winterguard at Eastlake
  • March 5, 2005(64-MB)
    Band at Mt. Carmel, Street
  • October 29, 2005(43-MB)
    Band at Mt. Carmel, Field
  • October 29, 2005(121-MB)
    Band at Mira Mesa, Field
  • November 6, 2004(103-MB)
    2004 - City of Sand
    Winterguard at Mt. Carmel
  • April 10, 2004(62-MB)
    2003 - Summertime
    Winterguard at Westview
  • (64-MB)
    2002 - Cornflake Girl
    Winterguard at Eastlake
  • (63-MB)

    Montgomery Band & Colorguard

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